"The website looks first class and the best in our market so well done to you and your team."


Improving brand perception and modernising a business online....

Birlea Furniture has been trading for over 17 years and are an industry leader in the furniture market. They offer high quality furniture at competitive prices to the UK trade market.

As they were undergoing new branding, Birlea required a new website that was sleek and fresh, whilst being completely functional from both a user and business operations perspective. Their previous website was somewhat dated and didn’t accurately reflect the brand and their innovative nature effectively.

During this time the business was also moving to the latest version of an ERP solution, so full integration was required across all aspects of the website. The website also needed to be much more manageable and automated whilst working with a number of internal systems.

Navigation, structure and the general approach to content, layout and products needed to be readdressed and enhanced creatively whilst becoming more practical from a user journey perspective.


Refinement, integration and optimisation....

Using our knowledge of effective website design, development and digital marketing, combined with client input, we prepared an updated sitemap covering all required content whilst making this much more intuitive and user friendly with simplified navigation. With the range of information, collections and products on the website, users needed to have the ability to easily navigate whilst browsing, making finding resources and content an easy task.

The entire website and overall approach was readdressed and redeveloped from both a creative and structural perspective to better reflect the new Birlea branding and business proposition, whilst focusing on the overall key website goals.

The website underwent full re-planning with a vast amount of improvements to ensure we delivered an industry leading, modern, marketable corporate website for the client. Several new areas, pages and features within were added to improve user experience and the level of content and resources available to visitors where this was deemed beneficial.

Navision was integrated via a bespoke solution to allow for one central product management system to handle both the internal stock and delivery systems whilst also populating the website via a live feed. The new site also modernised all existing elements and added further functionality with additional dynamic, engaging and visual content.

The creative focused on being range and product-centric, seeking to capture the users attention with the style and quality of Birlea furniture. As with all our projects, the website was developed to be fully responsive with a fluid approach to allow for optimal viewing and navigability no matter what the device.

Ultimately, the website has evolved to be much more visually and aesthetically impressive, whilst retaining improved functionality, features and information for users – whilst being more adaptable and future-proof.

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