"Witeck Solutions did a great job designing the annual plans we set for the British Transport Police."


design of 10th anniversary policing plans.

Established in 2004, The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) is the independent body responsible for overseeing the work of the British Transport Police (BTP) for rail operators, their staff and passengers. The BTPA understand and combat issues that concern passengers, the railways industry, railways employees and the regions. As well as setting the BTP policing targets each year, they monitor its operations and allocate funds for its budget. Alongside this, they look to promote safety and confidence on the British Railway, focusing on the general public and internal stakeholders.

Every year, the BTPA produce a differently designed set of annual policing plans and this year the authority approached Clicky to design the targets document for 2015/16. Not only was it a new design with a different edge they wanted, but it was also their 10th year anniversary, and therefore the design needed to be extra special to help celebrate their achievements.

In previous years, the document had lacked personality and was more design- focused towards internal stakeholders than the general public. The aim of the 2015/16 document was to create an engaging and helpful resource that appealed to both BTPA stakeholders and the general public.


colourful, modern and engaging resource.

Excited to get started and looking to inject personality and colour into the new documents, we created a suite of friendly, rich, modern and interactive PDFs. Infographics and large imagery were used to break up text in the information-heavy document, making it not only easier to read and absorb but a lot more engaging.

Alongside the project of creating the Policing Plans, we also incorporated a landing page onto the BTPA’s existing website, so the plans could be found and downloaded easily or read online. Within this, we also added animation features to increase engagement levels.

To coincide with the launch of the new documents, an email campaign was also needed. In accordance with the new plans, we designed and developed a dynamic, editable email template that BTPA could re-use in the future, to send to all BTPA members, directing them to a feedback form on the landing page.

The client was extremely pleased with the final product, as they believed we managed to not only produce a great looking document but also provided them with a well-designed tool to engage their customers with - a necessity needed as they seek to strengthen their brand identity and relationships with stakeholders.

“Witeck Solutions did a great job designing the annual plans we set for the British Transport Police. They produced designs that would pique the interest of our broad target audience and incorporated digital engagement to ensure they worked even harder for us. We are really pleased with the final product. Instead of just having a great looking document; we now have a well-designed tool that we are using to engage with our customers – which is essential as we seek to strengthen our brand identity and relationships with our stakeholders.”

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