"The website is clear and modern looking and gets across exactly what we do at a glance. "


branding and a website for a new start-up.

Cheshire Telecom is a business telecommunication management company, based in Cheshire, who specialise in mobile, landline, internet connectivity, cloud services and IT support. Specialising in rural businesses, they enable companies to access modern technology, offering one point of contact for any issues and quick response time.

Cheshire Telecom originally approached Witeck Solutions with a need for branding. As a start-up, they didn’t yet have any assets except a name for their company and the idea behind it! With this in mind, their first priority was producing a logo and an accompanying branding guidelines document. We set about beginning the logo design, and after being so impressed with the process and account management (and the design!), the team at Cheshire Telecom decided they wanted us to proceed with the full design and development of a new website.

After the branding was signed off and ready for use, the brief for the website was simple. Cheshire Telecom wanted a simple, yet professional website that showcased exactly who they are and what they do in a clear, concise manner.


a clean and modern identity and website.

As we were dealing with the branding aspects first, we needed to create an identity that matched exactly who Cheshire Telecom were. The logo was designed to be clean, modern and professional and easy to identify with. We also emphasised the connectivity and whole package solution that the company offers within the ‘O’ in the logo. The simplicity of the logo also made it easy to transfer onto the website, stationery, vans, shirts etc.

Once the client was happy with their brand, we moved onto the next stages. As the company wanted the website to be simple and show off their rural roots whilst retaining a premium feel, we designed and developed a one-page parallax website in WordPress, featuring subtle animation and crisp colours signalling communication, trust and relaxation.

It was key to create a website that made Cheshire Telecom stand out from their competitors and enhance their specialisms. Through the use of clever animation, simple user journey and the use of imagery, icons and colours, we were able to portray the company in a different light to their competitors and show off their unique offers.

The overall result was a very happy client who now had a new corporate identity and website that they could be proud of, signalled exactly what they did and which they could shout about.

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