Here at Witeck Solutions we utilise a variety of different strategies for Display Advertising.
Ad Design

Catching the attention of your audience is key to a successful display advertising campaign. Each display network (e.g. Google Display Network) has a range of ad sizes and technical requirements for your ads as well as number of content policy requirements that need to be adhered to. Our designers are experts at producing ads that meet these criteria perfectly whilst keeping the ads true to your brand.


When a user behaves in a particular way on the web they are added into a behavioural group. Through Display Advertising we can target these groups when they visit sites on the GDN. Two key features in Display Advertising is the ability to reach more of the right people at the right time as they search for what you have to offer. Secondly it enables you to avoid wasted impressions, strengthen ad relevance and create a greater level of engagement.


Specific websites can be targeted through manual placements. Through this targeting method we can be very specific about exactly where the Display Ads are shown. We will create a custom list of sites based on your target market and only display the ads on these sites.


We can setup your Display advertising campaign to be served automatically based on a range of keywords. We simply select a number of keywords and the display network will automatically display your ads next relevant content (containing those keywords). This is a great strategy if relevant content is more likely to appear on a range of site that also has irrelevant content, for example a newspaper that will occasionally have an article which relates to your product, but also has a majority of articles that won't.


Display Remarketing is a great way to catch those users who visited your site but didn't quite convert. You may have noticed this type of advertising before when visiting a large online store and then subsequently seeing ads for the specific products you were looking at, in other places online.

We design, set-up and manage this type of advertising for hundreds of different companies promoting everything from holidays to self-storage.

Typically a re-targeting display advertising campaign has a high level of conversion due to the level of accuracy that can be achieved.

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