search engine optimisation for kitchen product giant.

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"Witeck really delivered the results we were looking for. Well done Witeck SEO team."


improving rankings.

Dualit initially approached Witeck Solutions with the aim of improving their performance in search (both through SEO & PPC advertising). We carried out a number of small, targeted SEO campaigns as part of this work, one of them being for the food preparation section of their website.


thorough research and targeted on-page optimisation.

We acknowledged that the site already had a fairly strong link following, so initial easy wins would come by improving their level of on-page optimisation. We carried out thorough research into relevant keywords and identified new opportunities for the site, as well as looking at ways of improving performance for exisiting keywords that Dualit were targeting.

After conducting the inital work, there has been a 35.57% increase in the number of food prep related keywords sending visits to the site. This, along with improved performance for existing keywords, has resulted in non brand traffic for food prep related keywords increasing by 109.12% (year on year comparison).

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