Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) are a new form of highly-targeted online advertising within the Google platform, whereby advertising campaigns are conducted based on your recent email behaviour and online purchases.

Rich Promotion ads serves as an advert to generate initial engagement to your desired demographics within the desktop promotions tab of Gmail.


Teaser ads creates initial engagement with a user within your demographics; upon clicking this the user will then be served the fully expanded ad, which looks like an email.

Fully expanded ads are served to a user clicking on the teaser advert. A creative then expands into the email area of Gmail, which allows for videos, click to call (where relevant), brand creative and data capture to be embedded within your campaign creative.


Some of the targeting methods include:

IP Based geo targeting (country, state, city, and metro area)
Domain ­- this allows advertisers to target people who have domains in their inboxes, which usually means they are on specific mailing lists.
Keyword targeting ­- target users who have specific keywords in the 300 most recent active emails.
User Interest Verticals­ – Target users by user interest (based on keywords in active inbox mapped to verticals).
Demographic targeting – Age and gender.
Job targeting­ – target users based on their occupations.
Email list targeting – The advertiser can specify a list of email addresses to target against (minimum of 1K gmail addresses uploaded in a CSV file (max 5MB per file)*). This is ideal for advertisers looking to reach existing subscribers only.
Product purchase (receipt) targeting -­ The ability to target against purchases (products, etc.). This would be an opportunity to upsell or negative target to make sure not to go after users that have purchased the product/service.
Device targeting -­ A campaign can target everything, desktop, iOS and Android.

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