With Google very publicly cracking down on unnatural links and spammy practices, there are now more websites than ever suffering from either manual action or algorithmic penalties.

If you have found that your organic traffic dropped suddenly and you disappeared completely from the search engine results (SERPs), your website may be firmly within the grasp of a Google penalty.

That is where we come in. Recovering from a penalty is a lengthy process and requires a level of expertise and the right resources to complete link analysis and clean up a backlink profile.

But perhaps the most crucial step, is to work out within which category you fall.

Manual Action Penalty

The Google Giants are not a fan of unnatural and excessive link building. It’s a massive pet peeve of theirs and if they find evidence of it they will hit you with a manual action penalty. This can be easily identified through their Webmaster Tools platform.

Once determined that a site has a manual penalty attached to it, we then proceed to compile an extensive overview of the backlink profile using a range of tools, and analyse and review this data to identify which need removing, and which are fine to stay.

We’ll then need to compile a disavow file to request that Google ignore the links that we can’t manually remove. Finally, we will submit a reconsideration request on your behalf, asking that Google assess the situation again and consider lifting the penalty.

Algorithmic Penalty (Penguin and/or Panda)

If Google decides to update an algorithm, and you no longer fit into their mould, you will notice a drop in your traffic and a change in your positioning

The best way to identify an algorithmic penalty is to check your Google Analytics account. If you notice a sharp decrease in traffic that fits in with an algorithm update, then that is the likely cause.

To resolve an algorithmic penalty, we firstly assess the situation and identify which algorithm update has affected the site. We then put together a strategy for the site, whether that be improving content (Panda) or removing/disavowing links (penguin). In this case, there is no need for a reconsideration request to be sent to Google, you simply wait for the algorithm to update again and see if the penalty gets lifted.

As with anything in the SEO space, there are no guarantees that Google will remove your penalty (any company that tries to tell you otherwise isn’t trustworthy), but we can certainly give you the best chance possible in allowing your website to have a second lease of life.

If you think your site is under a penalty and want to give it the best chance of recovery, contact one of our SEO experts today for a free consultation.

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