a learning environment for NHS England

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"from initial concept through to website completion the team at Witeck have been a pleasure"


a bespoke learning environment for healthcare professionals.

Witeck Solutions were chosen by NHS England back in September to design and develop a new learning environment to allow NHS Commissioners throughout England to share a range of information and resources.


an easy to use responsive web application.

The system has been designed and developed in-house, has been built using the Zend Framework and designed to be fully responsive, allowing easy use on any device or screen size.

The system is currently split into four key areas of functionality:

The Learning Exchange (For Registered Users) Provides the opportunity for peer to peer connectivity. This is a space where CCGs can share their experience and learning with other CCGs facing similar challenges.

Find CCGs like mine An interactive tool to find similar CCGs, based on a range of criteria.

The Directory The directory of development support brings together a wide variety of offers of support from a range of organisations and networks, many of them free to CCGs. This area is open access.

The Pinboard This is a great resource where users can search a selection of uploaded Case Studies to assist in future development and planning. We are continuing to support the system throughout the next 12 months, adding a range of new features and functionality.

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