Getting your content and brand name out there requires a strong and well-researched outreach campaign.

Outreach is the process of interacting with publications and websites that are relevant to a specific niche, to offer them either a piece of content such as an infographic or a guide; an idea for a blog post that you could contribute to their website; or some other form of link bait that they would want to share out or covet on their website.

The aim of this is to build brand awareness and share content to gain social traction, get a link back to the site from a well know source, drive traffic to the site and boost the site’s authority.

In the past, links were the primary focus of an outreach campaign through the medium of guestposting. However as times have changed and search engines have gotten smarter, SEO has moved away from guest posting as a sole link-building method.

We are now finding that mentions of the site, social tractions and engagement, and brand exposure has just as much benefit as naturally gaining a link would. Meaning that the metric that deems the success of an outreach campaign has evolved.

Guestposting is still very much a valid method, but is only a proportion of link building efforts, with link bait content pieces playing just as important of a role.

How do we do it?

Through various mediums, we aim to establish contact with a publication that we have previously identified as being of relevance, or an ‘influencer’ of a client’s target audience.

Through building relationships with various publications it enables us to have content pieces or link bait pieces that we create picked up and shared out to a wider audience

Judging an outreach prospect

One of the biggest advantages that outreach has is that we can pick and choose the sites that we want to build relationships with. When analysing the value of a partnership site, there are some initial factors that we consider to ensure that we get the best return on the work we carry out, they include the following:

▪ Domain Authority
▪ Estimated traffic to site
▪ Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes
▪ Target audience (are they relevant)
▪ Auditence engagement levels
▪ Design and quality of website

The above are all elements that will help evaluate the potential benefits of a website and allow us to prioritise or disregard opportunities.

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