Display Remarketing is a great way to catch those users who visited your site, but didn’t quite convert.

You may have noticed this type of advertising before when visiting a large online store and then subsequently seeing ads for the specific products you were looking at in other places online. We design, set-up and manage this type of advertising for hundreds of different companies promoting everything from holidays to self-storage. Typically a re-targeting display advertising campaign has a high level of conversion due to the level of accuracy that can be achieved.

So how does it work?

Essentially visitors to your website can be “tagged” in different ways using cookies when visiting your website. For instance, when adding a product to your shopping cart on a online store, we may choose to tag you with a cookie which details the product you have added to your cart. If you then abandon the shopping cart we can then intelligently serve ads to you encouraging you to return to complete the purchase of that specific item.

We may choose a simpler level of tagging, based simply on visiting your website. For instance, if a visitor take a look at 3 or more pages of your website and then leaves, we can advertise your website to them encouraging them to return.

The possibilities and the complex levels of tagging are vast. Our experts are here to plan, design, build, launch and manage your remarketing campaigns.

Analytics Remarketing

Analytics remarketing works in a very similar way to regular remarketing with one key difference. This method uses data from Google Analytics which opens up a whole new range of options other than the page on which the user landed/left the website. Analytics remarketing allows us to target segments such as those who spent a certain amount of time on the site, by bounce rate, or the number of pages per Visit allowing us to only remarket to those who have shown a genuine interest rather than those who have simply visited a particular page.

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