a new website for White Hot Hair.

White Hot Hair is the brainchild of Jayne Meylad. She created a product offering called White Hot: a collection of six hair products designed especially for grey and white hair.

In order to market the new product, the client required a completely new website to feature their range of products. They also wanted the new site to act as an interactive hub for all their customers, with a big focus on social media and a community centre.

In order to achieve what the client needed, we developed a bespoke website, creating a hybrid solution by merging WordPress and Magento together seamlessly, allowing management of the website and products.


a fresh, current and dynamic website.

Our aim was to make the website as dynamic as possible. Therefore, the homepage is almost completely editable, allowing the client to change the site's content, layout and images in a few simple steps. This means that the client has the ability to keep the website looking fresh and current without having to rely on ourselves to make these changes for them.

As the website required E-commerce functionality to manage products, we identified Magento as the best system to do this. The main reasons behind this decision were that it's extremely powerful, has a brilliant stock management system and integrates well with WordPress.

One of the client's key goals was to expand and empower their already loyal customer base by using the website as a medium for their customers to interact with them. Another key goal was to really showcase and show off their product range by using large and clear images.

In the week after launch the client experienced their best week ever in sales, and their launch campaign offering limited amount of samples sold out in a matter of days.

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